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Company name: RIKEN KEIKI CO., LTD.
Headquarter: 2-7-6 Azusawa, Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo 174-8744 Japan

TEL: +81-3-3966-1113

Major Products:   Combustible gas detection
          Oxygen deficiency / enrichment gas detection
          Toxic gas detection
          Multi-Gas detection equipment
          Gas Calorimeter
          Environmental Measurement Instruments / Other devices or

Development &      Development Center: 2-3 Minamisakaecho, Kasukabe City,
Production Base:      Saitama 344-0057 Japan

Production Base:      RIKEN KEIKI NARA MFG. Co., Ltd.: 49-1 Abe, Sakurai City, Nara
          633-0054 Japan
          Hakodate Factory (Toi): 938-1 Oyasucho, Hakodate City,
          Hokkaido 041-0251 Japan

Global launch of new SD-3 gas detector

A pioneer and the market leader of Japan, RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd., has developed robust design explosion proof model “SD-3 Series” with global standards.

In order to adapt with plant equipment sophistication, SD-3 has equipped newly developed smart sensor with high performance and reliability.

The SD-3 series is an explosion-proof stationary gas detector for continuous monitoring of flammable gas, toxic gas, and oxygen in the atmosphere. Detected gas concentration information can transfer utilizing 4-20mA with HART. In addition, Modbus (RS-485) communication and 3 relay points allows the flexible and seamless integration.

Explosion proof robust structure (housing material: stainless steel, protection class IP66 / 67) allows a wide temperature range of -40 to + 70℃ (depends on a type of sensor). An extensive range of optional accessories; Protective cover, splash guard, filters, etc. Various mounting method such as wall mount, pole mount and duct mount etc. are available with diffusion type, suction type, remote type, duct mount type suit for different environments and applications.

New cutting edge smart sensor “F Sensor” comes with 3 year warranty. F sensor equipped with self-diagnosis feature which provides sensor degradation information as well as remaining sensor life time level. The culmination of 80 years of sensor technology resulting the high performance and reliability.

New feature with enhanced safety – Detecting PPM level for pre-early alarm enables quick action.

 As a unique feature new ceramic type catalytic sensor (NCF) will support the double range gas concentration. This NCF sensor realizes high sensitivity, high accuracy and fast response by utilizing new ceramic elements for catalytic detection principal. The double range feature allows the scale to be switched between Low range (low concentration side) and High range (high concentration side) depending on gas concentration levels. For example, if the detection target gas is methane, the display range automatically switches between Low range for 0 - 2,000 ppm and High range for 5 - 100 %LEL.

New sensor production center in Japan

The new facilities dedicated to sensor production was built on the premises of R&D Center in Japan this year. This will contribute to reliable quality sensor production with range of more than 600 target gasses with various sensor principals. Since RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd. was founded in 1939 under the umbrella conglomerate of RIKEN, our science and technology research laboratories have developed GAS SENSING TECHNOLOGY and developing high accurate measuring instruments.

New!!  List of targeted gases available

SD-3 has incorporated newly developed smart sensor. “F sensor” series are dramatically improved high-performance sensors covers 72 various gasses and ranges.

List of targeted gas list downloadable here.

Detection target gases : Combustible gases, toxic gases, oxygen, etc.

Housing material :         Stainless steel SCS14 (Equivalent to SUS316)

External output :           4 - 20 mA + HART
                                    or 4 - 20 mA + HART + contacts (3c)
                                    or 4 - 20 mA + HART + RS-485

Sampling methods :      Diffusion, suction, remote

Mounting types :           Wall-mounted, pole-mounted, duct insertion

Sensor warranty :         Max. three years *Specific sensors excluded 

External dimensions :    Approx. 171 (W) × 277 (H) × 127 (D) mm *For diffusion type

Standards and certifications * Including planned certifications
 - Explosion-proof construction (IECEx/ATEX, JPEx (Japan), FM(pending), cFM(pending))
 - CE marking
 - Protection rating: Equivalent to IP66/67
 - IEC/EN performance
 - Functional safety certification: SIL 2(pending)
 - MED certification(pending)


Feature detail:   1. Self-diagnosis / Remaining sensor life time.
                             2. Double range gas concentration usage.


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